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Foot to the Path (1996)
This progressive CD features six original songs, two original instrumentals, four traditional pieces, plus a bonus track from our 1992 cassette release, A Long Time From Home.

The Songs:

  1. Searching for Reynardine (Maria Anthony)

  2. Question of Time (Maria Anthony)  

  3. Geordie (traditional) 

  4. Circle Dance (Maria Anthony) 

  5. Beautiful Year (Maria Anthony) 

  6. Salberta the Jumping Dog (Maria Anthony)

  7. Mother England (Maria Anthony) 

  8. Boys of Bedlam (Maria Anthony) 

  9. Rights of Man (traditional)

  10. John Barleycorn (traditional)

  11. The Heroes (Maria Anthony)

  12. Tianamen Square (Roger Holden)

  13. A Long Time From Home (Maria Anthony)

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